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PDI driving instructor TRAINING PART 2

Part two of the PDI training focusses on how you would approach all aspects of the practical driving test from start to finish.  In order to be successful you will be required to show that your driving ability and judgement, car control and awareness, road-craft, manoeuvre execution, and an exemplary understanding of the highway code, is translated into a competent, safe and effective driver.  Ultimately the practical Part 2 test is all about showing that you understand how a student should be coached to have a life of safe driving.  The way you demonstrate this is ultimately how you drive in your Part 2, it shows the examiner how you expect your students to drive and approach all aspects of driving.  How you drive, will be a true reflection of how you plan to coach your students, and how they will approach their driving career, as you are providing them with the building blocks from the very start.


This part of the PDI training will include   

  • 12 hours’ instructor training (1:1)

  • Instructor Training Workbook - Part 2

  • Lesson plans / visual aids book

Areas covered in the Part 2 PDI training will include areas such as:

  • About the Driving Test Form - DL25

  • Control of the vehicle

  • Reversing exercises

  • Road procedures; Mirrors, signalling, clearance, speed and response, Junctions, judgement, positioning and pedestrian crossings, awareness and planning, ancillary controls and eco driving

  • Examiner took action

  • The day of your part two test

  • Show me tell me questions

By the end of the twelve hours of 1:1 coaching, supplemented by many hours of your own practice, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to undertake your Part 2 practical test.

We would recommend that you contact other L to P Driving School colleagues to get time in the back of their lessons to see other coaches styles and methods*

*subject to current DVSA, National Health England and Government legislation

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