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Training review by one of our driving coaches

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Having lost my job during lockdown, and at an age where finding a similar job would be challenging, I decided to follow in my friends footsteps and become a driving instructor. With Jeremy recently qualified to coach me through the 3 part process, the first challenge was to see how many bad habits I have picked up over the years which was quite revealing but important, as I needed to undo these habits to ensure I would be coaching correctly going forward. I also took the opportunity to sit in on several lessons with Jeremy to observe students of various levels of experience. Running alongside my part 1 reading in preparation for my theory test, Jeremy coached me in preparation for my part 2 practical test which was an extended driving test but would ultimately be the foundation for starting to coach new students. Having passed my parts 1 and 2, and coached by Jeremy the required hours I was ready to start teaching new students. From this point on, it was all about passing the final exam and Jeremy sat in on my lessons to check my technique and provide feedback to help me with the day to day lessons but also to prepare for the part 3 exam. The part 3 exam is quite a tough challenge and Jeremy worked closely with myself to prepare a suitable lesson plan and to also rehearse ahead of the exam. The support from Jeremy is there when you need it and he went the extra mile to ensure that I was prepared for each of the 3 parts.

So, if you fancy a career change like Duncan, then contact us at the website below

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