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Time for a change?

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Strange times, such as the Covid lockdowns do create those moments when you reconsider your values, and what's important in life. That was me a few years ago when a life moment, made me stop and think, is this the time for a change, and that was when I thought I want to be my own boss. That was when I decided to change my path and become a Driving Instructor. I trained, and realised what a great career this is for so many reasons; work life balance, family time, flexibility with my time, flexible working hours, work as hard or as little as you like. I worked hard and then decided the time was right to start my own school, and was born.

18 months on and before the latest lockdown, I decided now was the time to develop the driving school offering further, and off I headed to do a week long Train the Trainer course. I now have Duncan Frost who starts his training to become an instructor once lockdown 2.0 lifts, and in 2021, if you have had that moment, where you're thinking its time for a change, now's a great time to think about life in the driver's lane and a career with L to P Driving School.

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